No Looking Back

No Looking Back

5 Stars from Readers’ Favorite

Powerful, moving, heart-wrenching

A story of despair and hope – from a victim to a survivor.

A powerful and emotionally-charged story of a young girl’s struggle for dignity and self-worth.

Josephine Pritchard had been terrorised with control and domination all her childhood, a threatening violation which produced low self-esteem and abject misery.

Josie thought her life was normal and believed her father’s violence and punishment was because of her inadequacies, so when he launched a savage attack on her mother, she believed the only way her mother would survive, was if she left her family home.

No Looking Back is a powerful, heart-warming story of how a traumatised teenager made a momentous decision which changed her life forever. She found the strength and courage to liberate herself from a life of darkness, and how she met a family who truly cared about her. Gradually, she learned how to trust and build her confidence, eventually growing into a strong, independent young woman.

Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite No Looking Back:


A Powerful and Emotionally-charged Story of a Young Girl’s Struggle for Dignity and Self-Worth by Shirley Dawson is an inspiring story that many readers, especially women, can relate to. Josephine “Josie” Pritchard’s childhood had been punctuated by physical and verbal abuse from a father who seemed unforgiving. At first, the child thought she deserved the harsh treatment from her father until she observed that her mother suffered a similar fate. As she grew older, her belief in herself and in her worth diminished until she decided to make the painful decision that forever changed her life. In this novel, the reader follows her story of abuse, victimhood, and inner freedom as she transforms into a confident and loving woman. It is packed with lessons and tells of the reality that many people suffer in silence.


The things the protagonist experiences are painful, like the father’s meanness and his exploitation of her body as a child. The reality is captured in the story in a way that evokes pain in the reader. There are moments when I cringed, like the way he talks to his daughter. To blot out the horror, young Josie quickly learns to create fantasies in her mind. Character development is impeccable and I loved how the author portrays the emotions of the characters, especially the sense of fear that the young girl develops around her father. The psychological depth of the story is astounding and readers clearly understand how abuse can destroy the way that victims see themselves and the way they relate to others. The prose is highly descriptive and the dialogues well-written and natural. No Looking Back by Shirley Dawson is one of those books that show readers the path to breaking free, grasping their freedom from predators, and walking out, without looking back.

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