Meet Shirley

Meet Shirley

Author 04I am a Norfolk girl, a county I love.  Many things are written about Norfolk and I’m sure, nobody could deny its’ beauty and diversity.

After I was married, I moved to a small country village, approximately twelve miles away from the city where I was born and bred – it could not have been more different.  My children were raised there and attended the local village school.  Although many years have passed since those former years, all three children still enjoy the tranquillity and the beauty of country life.

Most of my working years were spent as a secretary in a large, rural primary school.  I was one of those rare people who loved their work, but, as the years wore on, I felt restless, and knew the time had come to have a complete change of lifestyle.  

My husband and I decided to retire early, and soon after, we left our Norfolk home and headed to a warmer climate abroad.   Although we wondered if we would ever get used to a life without our children, we have enjoyed some wonderful years.  At the time, we never imagined how different our lives would become.  The agreeable climate lent itself to a full social life and, generally, a more relaxed way of living – a natural occurrence we initially found hard to adopt, being in complete contrast to our former hectic work schedules.

Suddenly, we both had time for ourselves, and I started to read even more books than ever.  I had a yearning to write some years before, but now I thought more seriously about it – it was now or never!  A Twist of Fate was born.

It was only after I had completed my second novel, A Question of Honour, when I started to think about creating a sequel to A Twist of Fate.   The next two years were spent working on a further two novels, following the lives of the two families.

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