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The trilogy is a tale of a close-knit farming community in West Sussex.  The lives of the Grayson’s and the wealthy Fitzwilliam’s families, inexplicably intertwine, resulting in an unlikely friendship between teenagers, Hannah Grayson, a farmer’s daughter, and Ralph Fitzwilliam, a wealthy landowner’s son.  However, the attraction is not without its setbacks.  Secrets and intrigue surfaces from the past to cause emotional turmoil and continually test their relationship.

The sequel, ‘Destiny’s Path’, continues as the Grayson and Fitzwilliam children mature into adults.  The Grayson children’s desires and ambitions are constantly confronted with unforeseen adversity, but devotion and loyalty unite the family as a heart-stopping tragedy unfolds.

The final part, ‘A Free Spirit’, sees Harry Grayson as a successful businessman but his life is incomplete.  After many years of speculation, Harry finally receives the knowledge he needs to begin a quest to find his biological father.  His determination to discover his true parentage takes him on a turbulent and emotional journey. New friendships develop but the past unearths some traumatic and heart-rending discoveries, bringing Harry intense pain and suffering.

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